Samsung Galaxy Player 4



Android Version

CM9 standard
Electric Catfish Mk 0 - v2.0.0 - BUILD UX4ECOR

  • Updated CM9 base - 4.0 now based on Nebula
  • Added Samsung Galaxy SIII Style notification toggles
  • Added Samsung Galaxy SIII lockscreen weather icons
  • Added the option to choose between Google Now and ICS Google search in AROMA installer
  • Modified some menus in Settings
  • Added GMail from Android 4.2 as an add on app
  • Added the keyboard from Android 4.2
  • Replaced Root Browser Lite with Solid Explorer and added Disk Usage
  • Added new charging animation and implemented a 1% battery mod made by erpurohit (member of Team Remics)
  • Removed 'No Service' text from notification drawer


  • Initial release for Player 4.0 :D - Rev1 adds the additional apps for the Player 4.0
  • which enhance the User Experience[/*]
  • Updated CM9 base for a slight speed improvement
  • Added Google Now. Hotword detection must be turned off for it to work
  • Landscape lockscreen is now available
  • Slighty changed power menu
  • Modified some menus in Settings to remove some phone specific items
  • Cleared up confusion about mount points. USB Storage = Internal SD, /mnt/sdcard. SD Card = External SD, /mnt/emmc
  • Added 30 step multimedia volume